On this website you can view and download many valuable resources, including articles, book reviews, Bible Study notes, booking forms for meetings and much more.

British Youth For Christ – RE:QUEST

RE:QUEST is the go-to site for relevant and engaging resources to help RE teachers and their students explore the Christian faith. It has a brand new look, designed to help you organise and deliver authentic lessons which meet your curriculum needs. All the resources are created by practising Christians and, as such, you can be assured that they reflect the true nature of the Christian faith.

RE:QUEST is owned by British Youth for Christ. As such we aim to:
Support teachers as they deliver teaching on Christianity to all key stages.
Provide RE teachers with a wide variety of quality resources that truly reflect the Christian faith.
Support teacher and student development of understanding the Christian faith.

Daily Bible Reading Notes

We’re aware that Chaplains and teachers are often looking for resources that help young people engage with the Bible themselves. Why not try ‘Day by Day’ Bible Reading notes?
These short, accessible Bible notes are designed for teenagers who want to spend a few minutes each day in God’s Word. With the Bible passage included, a few lines of explanation and a suggested prayer at the end, these are a fantastic resource. They can be easily read on a smartphone and are free to use.

Click here to check them out:

Pray for Schools

Pray for Schools is a network of prayer groups and individuals with a heart for praying for schools around the UK. We all long to see children and young people in their local schools grow and develop spiritually and come to faith in the Lord Jesus. We work closely with seven partners: CARE, Scripture Union, Association of Christian Teachers, Youth for Christ, Prayer Spaces in Schools, Open the Book and the Free Churches Education Sunday team.

Over the last eighteen months, Pray for Schools has connected with hundreds of Christians over Zoom, who have really engaged positively by praying in this way.

Love Our Schools, 6-20 February 2022, is a Pray for Schools initiative, which provides additional practical ways to support our local schools. #loveourschools

We are continuing to develop the theme ” Care for each other and the environment”. Resources can be found on the website, also available in the Welsh language

We also have a postcode search of prayed-for schools

We would love to hear from you if you regularly pray for your local school or would like to join with others in your area.

Jane Newey PFS England Coordinator

Christians In Sport

These resources are designed to help teachers or people working in schools to speak to sportspeople in those environments. The assemblies are sport themed and are designed for use around major events and the lesson plans are for use in RS/RE lessons where possible. You can also make use of the Sports Quiz, Evangelistic Films and Sports Tournament guides for schools found on their website.

Christians in Sport – School resources

LoveWise Online

A selection of short videos from LoveWise on ‘You have a choice’ on Peer pressure and sexual temptation.

Their strapline is ‘ A better narrative about Relationships, Sex and Living Wisely’.

Birmingham City Mission

We have published an article with many resources from BCM in March 2021. You can access the article here.

November 2021 – Being Thankful video

Staff members will need to ensure they download the video well in advance so that it is ready to play (we would advise this rather than relying on playing it live due to possible buffering issues)
Staff may wish to emphasise at the outset to students what is (at the start of the video) that it is a presentation about what Christians believe about Thankfulness but with universal themes covered.

Toward the end of the video we mention a few questions of application and provide a time of reflection for students to consider what they have learned and for people of faith to say a silent prayer if they wish.

If you have any problems accessing the video file please do phone us at any time. You can contact James on: 07977 122903.

The video is presented by staff and volunteers of BCM’s youth team and it is just under 10 minutes in length.

The video covers the theme of Harvest and Christian thankfulness and it is a presentation of what Christians believe about these things. We of course wouldn’t expect anyone within school to agree with the beliefs presented and held by Birmingham City Mission and it’s associated churches. Our hope is that students and staff – whatever their faith or no faith – would experience an increased sense of thankfulness for what they have and a desire to share with others.

Online Christian Assemblies

Online Christian Assemblies provide short online assemblies which can be used in a variety of settings.

Their first series ‘Shared Values and Big Questions’ explores some values, questions and include some starter discussion questions to get your class thinking. For more information or to get a downloadable pdf of the overall themes and questions please email

Online Christian Assemblies is an inter-denominational ministry from Emmanuel Christian Centre Pembrokeshire, registered charity no. 1087079.

‘Be rooted’ resources

The Archbishop of York Youth Trust have produced have produced some resources for schools at KS1 and KS2 on the theme of Be Rooted. There are five free sessions aimed at supporting pupils returning to school and helping them stay strong and ‘be rooted’ throughout the inevitable challenges of this autumn term (and beyond!).

The first session is an introduction, before pupils explore how to ‘Be Rooted’ in:
Leadership Skills
Character Muscles
Community Actions
Faith Awareness
They can be downloaded at There are also a number of other free resources there that schools can download, including at KS3.

They have also produced, for advent 2020, Sacred Spaces at Advent.

Mindfulness and Yoga – Mind and Body resources 

Christian Values in Education Scotland have produced materials on ‘Mind and Body’ with reference to Mindfulness and Yoga in particular.

DOMINION – a critical view

Marcus Paul has recently reviewed Tom Holland’s aptly named book, Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind. This 39 minute read is available on the website from UCCF. Marcus hopes this will be of benefit to Religion/Ethics A-Level students particularly.

Marcus Paul is author of The Evil That Men Do (Sacristy Press, 2016). He has two degrees in English and history and has enjoyed a life-long career working with students and sixth formers in universities and schools in three continents. He now spends his time running a ‘School Pastor’ scheme and writing and speaking about the Gospel and the Church, as well as painting and reading. He also enjoys rock climbing and travel – having had (as a young man) the now nearly impossible experience of hitch-hiking ‘on a shoestring’ ten thousand miles round Africa and the Near East. He is married with two grown-up children.

Bereavement RESOURCES

A shared one-page resources with links around dealing with bereavement within schools.


TISCA News and Views is our Bulletin, published three times a year in September, February and May. It is sent free of charge to all TISCA Members. Most members receive it in hard copy (paper) through the post. But it may also be sent to members who request it electronically.

Here are some articles which have appeared in recent issues of TISCA News and Views which may be of continuing interest. If you would like access to any article we have published in the past, please let us know.




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