Donating Supporter … £40

Members who join under the School Associate scheme (see below) receive individual membership free of charge. Otherwise, an annual payment of £40 (requested minimum donation) confers individual TISCA membership. Additional Donation: TISCA could not exist, let alone develop its work in new directions, without the often sacrificial generosity of its members. If you are able to give something extra, please indicate the sum in the box on the Contact Form. On joining, members receive the termly TISCA News & Views and other literature, with news of forthcoming events. Membership implies personal sympathy with the Aims of TISCA. No particular denominational or theological stance is required.

Please note that you can now pay your subscription online if you prefer. Simply go to the page of this website entitled “Donate to TISCA” and follow the links. If you prefer to write a cheque, please do so and send it to the TISCA PO Box 17634 Redditch B97 9RW

Five-Year Pledge … £250 or agreed sum

Donors may covenant to give a yearly amount. Details of this important scheme are available from the TISCA Office.

School Associate … £200 (Recommended Option)

A school membership indicates the general support of the School for TISCA, and is payable through the Head, Chaplain or other member of staff. This enables all nominated members of staff (including governors and parents) to receive individual TISCA membership free of charge. The School Representative (normally the Head or other paying member) is responsible for distributing TISCA material. TISCA Foundation Schools pay a sum of £380 per year. The names of the TISCA Foundation Schools are listed on a separate page of this website.

TISCA Membership Form

Please go to our “Downloads” page to download a Membership form for joining TISCA. Alternatively, please contact the TISCA office on