Chapels and Assemblies

This page aims to provide resources for chaplains, Heads, teachers and others preparing to lead chapels or assemblies in schools.

resources for chaplains and assemblies (blog)

TISCA have published a blog on 30 April 2020 with resources provided to us for use for specifically online chapels and assemblies.

SUCCEEDing as a virtual chaplain

Ever since the announcement from the UK Government that schools would close to help combat the spread of Covid-19, our TISCA Chaplain’s WhatsApp group has been a buzz. For ideas and encouragements to read our blog written on 23 March 2020.

School Assemblies for reluctant preachers  -marcus paul

Marcus Paul has experience of taking assemblies in seven schools and three continents over period of 40 years – often on a weekly basis. He writes:

Almost every school in the country has at least one Christian teacher, but many are fearful of speaking Christianly in public, especially perhaps in their place of work. If TISCA, or more widely the Church, could help to reverse this situation and equip Christian teachers to speak well on stage or in chapel to their charges and colleagues, we could make a significant contribution to the belief patterns of the next generation.

Marcus is happy to share individual assemblies from the Contents page with TISCA members upon request as long as these are used only by the requesting member on a ‘sole usage’ basis and not reproduced.

Please see our blog for more details.


You can download here the text of seven talks which were delivered by Jim Houghton in Eltham College Chapel recently. In these talks, Jim applies some of Jesus’ well-known parables to the situation and experience of modern secondary school students.