TISCA was formed in 1995 by more than 50 Heads of Independent Schools. It grew out of an informal meeting of Heads known as the Wadhurst Fellowship. Its first General Secretary was Ken Barnes. Subsequently, Michael Hepworth took over as General Secretary, to be succeeeded in 2002 by Mark Greenstock, and Hugh Bradby in 2006. Alastair Reid became General Secretary in 2019.

TISCA covers senior and junior (preparatory and pre-prep), day and boarding schools. TISCA exists to help independent schools, as well as those who teach and govern in them, to uphold Christian truth and promote Christian values in education. TISCA keeps its members abreast of changes in society, legislation and government policy, exploring Christian responses to changes as they occur. TISCA seeks to relate and apply Christian principles to the way our schools are run, especially in the areas of curriculum, staffing, management and discipline.

TISCA is a member organization of the Evangelical Alliance (EA). Its Statement of Faith is that of the EA. TISCA works in close cooperation with other organizations in the field of education (such as the Association of Christian Teachers {ACT} Scripture Union {SU}, Titus Trust and Stewards Trust. It is the only organization of its kind working specifically in the independent sector, offering Christians the chance to exchange ideas with each other and work collaboratively. TISCA’s members have the potential to influence educational thinking at the highest levels. Speakers at previous main meetings have included Caroline Cox, Jonathan Aitken, John Lennox, John Wyatt, Pete Broadbent, Glynn Harrison, Paul Coleridge, Michael Nazir Ali and Priscilla Chadwick.

TISCA’s vision and objectives were set out in detail in an 80-page report written in January 1995 by Michael Coates, former Headmaster of Monkton Combe Junior School and subsequently General Secretary of IAPS. This report is available free of charge for electronic transmission to anyone who would like to receive it: please contact the TISCA office. TISCA has a central core of 18 foundation schools and 37 schools which have “associate school” status. TISCA has one or more individual members in another 100 independent schools. To discover whether your School is represented in the TISCA membership, please ask us (see Contact page).


TISCA is uniquely placed to act as a resource network for all (whether individuals or institutions) who seek to relate Biblical principles to the way we educate our young people in the UK.

Our intention is that all teachers should benefit from, and contribute to, the prayer and action urgently needed to uphold Christian thinking at all levels.

TISCA is well positioned to reflect educational concerns and to encourage the independent sector to speak with a Christian voice.