Tisca aims

TISCA has three stated aims:

  1. To support Christian teachers and others working in independent schools
  2. To influence the formulation of policy at all levels as it affects the work of Christian teachers and Christian schools
  3. To advance the cause of Christ among school pupils

TISCA exists to link, support and equip Christians in independent schools, including:

  • Heads and Deputy Heads,
  • Chaplains (ordained and lay),
  • Teaching and Auxiliary Staff,
  • Governors and Parents,
  • Retired or Former Teachers.

TISCA offers support in the following ways:

  • An annual National Meeting (normally in London in the second week of June)
  • Regional Meetings annually throughout the UK
  • Consultations on single issues
  • Special interest conferences for Heads, Chaplains etc
  • A termly Newsletter “TISCA News and Views” which is mailed free of charge to all members
  • Visits to schools (we are happy to speak at Chapel services)
  • Advice to Parents
  • Notice of situations vacant and required
  • Links with resourcing agencies