TISCA and ACT Keynote Conference 2022

TISCA and ACT are pleased to invite you to our annual keynote conference on the theme of identity in the world of education.

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Who are we?

Such a question is a deeply personal one, going right to the heart of our lives and those of our students and colleagues. We live in a culture that puts great emphasis on individuality and the freedom to be who you want to be.

But what does the Bible say about who we are as God’s people, and about the identity of those we work with and young people under our care? How should we respond as we seek to understand our own identity , and how as Christians can we help students to thoughtfully consider these issues?

Keynote Speaker – Dr Dave Benson

Keynote speaker Dr Dave Benson will spend some time helping us thinking about the topic of identity as revealed in the Bible, and what that means for us as Christians in education.

Dave is a leading thinker and researcher on the role of faith in 21st-Century western culture. Formerly a high school teacher, then lecturer at Malyon Theological College, he now heads up the LICC’s work for Culture & Discipleship. In his own words, his mission is ‘to cultivate disciples with wisdom for the way of Christ in a post-Christendom culture.’ His 2016 Ph.D project entitled “Schools, scripture and secularisation” considers the telos of competing curricular visions and the place of sacred texts in secular education.


Identity Politics and the classroom (Steve Beegoo)

The topic of identity seems to infiltrate every area of life, especially education. But as Christians, should we be disparaging of progressive ideologies that seeks to promote fairness and the dignity of all humans? What really are critical race and queer theory, and how should we respond to its implications in schools? Join us as we learn how to engage with important issues as they arise in staffroom debate and classroom content with Biblical integrity.

Steve Beegoo is a former teacher, headteacher and pastor, and is now Christian Concern’s Head of Education and CEO of the Christian Schools’ Trust. He has worked in both state and independent schools.

Finding our true identity as Educators (Anna Putt)

When teaching becomes all-encompassing and compulsive workaholism gains admiration, how can Christian teachers rest in their true identity in Jesus? Discover what it means to truly serve Christ in our schools and be freed from taking pride in a ‘strong work ethic’ that so often permeates the teaching profession.

Anna is a Christian who has been a teacher in North London, now a vicar’s wife and busy mum of three. She’s a trustee of Keswick Ministry’s serving on their ministry committee and helping to plan the convention. Anna also does a podcast with her teacher friend Charley where they think through how the Christian faith impacts everyday living.

When students have a distorted identity (True Freedom Trust)

Why do so many young people seem to struggle with who they are? How can we as Educators seek to affirm the inherent worth of our students without upholding unhelpful and unbiblical cultural attitudes to image, gender and sexuality?

Stuart Parker is the director of the True Freedom Trust, a ministry that seeks to promote the orthodox biblical view of sex, gender and relationships and to support those who struggle with same-sex attraction and gender incongruence.

Embedding Christian identity at the heart of a school’s ethos (Nigel McQuoid)

Leaders in education often talk about the ‘culture’ of a school or institution, and a ‘positive ethos’ is surely something all senior leaders desire. But how can school leaders go further than trite vision statements and embed a Christian identity at the heart of a School? And can Christian values be implanted meaningfully in schools that have no religious character?

Nigel McQuoid has worked in a variety of contexts – including the Middle East – as headteacher, and latterly as an education consultant . He is a former CEO of the Emmanuel Schools Foundation, a Christian-ethos multi-academy trust based in the North East.


Bookings to be made through the dedicated Eventbrite link with prices at £30 for TISCA members in-person and just £10 for online bookings.