TISCA Senior Leadership Training 2021 (Prefects)

Booking is now open for the TISCA annual Senior Leadership Training 2021

The day will be held at Dean Close School in Cheltenham and sessions led by members of the Dean Close School staff.

The date is Thursday 23 September 2021 and will be in person from 10am until 4pm.

New for this year – We are pleased to offer an online (zoom or similar) option for those who can not attend in person.

The plan for the day

This day is planned for prefects in their last year at Senior School (including Year 11 prefects for schools which go up to GCSE).

Within the broadly Christian atmosphere of the course, the remarks of Jesus about ‘servant leadership’ will be explored and evaluated against the situations likely to be encountered in the school context. Participants will however not be expected to subscribe to, or even agree with, a particular philosophy or religious insight, and lively debate is expected.

Issues tackled will include:

  • servant leadership
  • understanding oneself as a leader
  • understanding team dynamics
  • relating to the Head and seeing the
  • benefits of being a Prefect
  • conflict resolution
  • time management

The talks will be interactive and imaginative, making appropriate use of various media. There will be role-play, and plenty of time to socialise. The aim is to enable leaders already in post and those yet to take up their roles to meet up with each other, receive training and go forward into the year 2021/22
enlightened, invigorated and encouraged.

Full details and directions will be sent before the meeting. Bookings are now open for this event.

Quotes from past attendees

Challenges you positively, engaging with what a prefect means and understanding your own personal role within that environment.

Previous attendee 2020 (online)

It was a great learning experience and prepared us for the challenges that will face us, and helped us understand our own personalities and those of people around us, and how to work together with them and communicate and share ideas.

Online participant 2020

How to book

For any other information and if you have any questions, please do email gensec@tisca.org.uk