Chaplains’ Conference 2020 – going online!

Our Chaplains’ Conference has been moved to a fully online only offer on Tuesday 13 October 2020.

“The Chaplains’ toolbox: How to thrive and not strive”

Tuesday, 13th October 2020 – online via Zoom

0830 Welcome (Alastair Reid, TISCA General Secretary)
0840 Devotions 1 (Revd Anthony Buckley, former chaplain of Alleyn’s School)
0915 Introducing each other
0930 Toolbox 1: John Denning (Christian Institute education) RSE and legislation (time to include presentation and any break out/Q& A)
1030 Break
1100 Toolbox 2: Revd Tim Mullins (Chaplain at Stowe School) and Revd Alex Aldous (Chaplain at Prestfelde Prep School) Handling Critical incidents (time to include presentation and any break out/Q& A)
1230 Lunch
1330 Devotions 2 (Anthony B)
1415 Break, chat
1430 Toolbox 3: John Moule (Warden, Radley College) The Head and the Chaplain
1515 Break, chat
1545 Afternoon tea with Maggie Everett (Lead Development Officer, Centre for Chaplaincy in Education – CCE) – sharing best practice
1645 Devotions 3 (Anthony B)
1730 Finish (Alastair)

2000 TISCA chaplains’ ‘share and prayer’ – any chaplain may join for 45 minutes and we hope all conference attendees will manage this to ‘feedback’ and reflect

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If you were already booked into our residential conference you will receive an email from our General Secretary.