TISCA Prayer – Summer 2020

Every term we send our our TISCA Prayer calendar – a resource you can use weekly or daily to pray for the work of The Independent Schools Christian Association. Below is our daily thoughts for prayer.

SUNDAY Assemblies, chapel services, special events– use of online resources and technology: skill, ingenuity, engagement

MONDAY Chaplains…online pastoral work, helping the bereaved, wisdom and sensitivity; for their rest and refreshment – and spiritual insight

TUESDAY Heads…big decisions regarding finances, staffing, the school ‘shape’; that they may get rest and refreshment – and know Jesus’ peace

WEDNESDAY Staff…on-going pension issues; for those who have been furloughed and made redundant; producing online lessons and resources – for their rest and refreshment; for Bursars and finance staff, for HR staff – very involved in virus-related issues

THURSDAY Pupils…disappointments over exams and for those leavers missing ‘closure’ occasions, final sports and other events; pray many will still have access to Christian camps

FRIDAY Members…future plans for TISCA and links outside the independent sector; for retirees and their on-going desire to connect with schools and support them

SATURDAY Governors…big decisions in the wake of the virus and pension issues; some helping to appoint new Heads

A hard-copy of our Summer Prayer guide will be sent out in our next TISCA News and Views mailing. If you would like another copy, do just send us an email or tweet us @tisca_uk!